So many great resources out there for photographers working on their craft, or business. In the absence of formal photography education, these resources have definitely held my hand through the dark over the years. I refer to my experience/skills so far as self taught, but without YouTube, blogs and magazines, it’d have been much harder to figure out my way. I thought it’d be nice today to take some time and share a few of the resources I’ve found most helpful.

  • aphotoeditor: one of the best resources for working photographers of all kinds - less about technique, more about navigating business, client interaction, the overall business of photography and also a healthy dose of trends and overviews of the art world. lots of interviews and opinion from the decision makers for publications, ad agencies and other such art buying folks, too.
  • chase jarvis blog: chase is one of those guys who’s ability to share his insights and experiences has become a business in and of itself - he’s got a show on youtube that he brings great guests on, and not necessarily to speak about photography specifically, but always things that photographers (and other creatives, in general) can use to bolster their art and careers.
  • phlearn: I just found out about phlearn in the past week - finally managed to watch a video they did on youtube regarding the differences between curves and levels in photoshop. demystified! (it’s one thing to know what happens when you play with these adjustments, another completely to understand why it’s happening.) they’ve got a plethora of tutorials and videos that I’ll be digging into over the coming weeks.
  • fstoppers: fstoppers covers the gambit of photography, usually from the standpoint of a semi-working to working photographer looking to grow their skillset/equipment list/business. so, there’s plenty of reviews, articles, tutorials/videos, touching on a range of topics. they also do a good amount of discussion about dslr video production, too.
  • fashion photography blog: melissa rodwell’s blog showcasing and sharing her knowledge as a working fashion photographer, including lots of BTS footage, tips and experiences. definitely fed the fashion photography bug for me early on.
  • the strobist: most budding photographers interested in off camera lighting learn about the strobist early on - david hobby’s pretty much a guru at this point.
  • zack arias: zack arias was the first photographer I felt like I got to know as a person, from the very conversational laid back way he writes, to his brutal honesty about his career, his take on whats happening in the photography world and his awesome portfolio reviews he does with his wife, Meg. the other cool thing is that if you’ve been paying attention to Zack for a few years now, you’ve seen him slowly transcend into a really respected name. super dope.
  • the art of photography: ted forbes’ epic episodic is one of the best things popping on youtube imo. you can tell he’s an educator from the way he speaks, and he has a great knowledge about lots of aspects of photography, from technical stuff like darkroom technique and film selection to fundamentals like composition, to ideas about artistic pursuits and even business commentary. he gets deep, but manages not to drown his viewers. love love love his show.
  • the candid frame: i just happened upon this podcast within the last year while searching itunes for podcasts about photography (there are a few good ones.) this one though, led by Ibarionex Perello (awesome name) is my favorite - super simple concept. he invites photographers from all practices into his studio and just has a flowing converstation with them for an hour or so. it’s a great listen, a great way to get familiar with new photographers or to actually hear some of your favorites speak, and a great way to get inspired to get shooting.

That’s all I’ll mention for now. I recommend all of these, in no particular order. You can never have too many resources.