Redesign/On Blogging.


Burning the midnight oil on yet another redesign - but finally the one that serves the purposes my personal site and portfolio did individually, in one neat residence. Also, A far more sensible hosting platform with a flexibility/cost ratio that makes my pockets much happier.

Of course, there is the dreaded process of going back over my work and editing (read: searching fruitlessly for things I haven't actually shot yet) down to the work that I'd like to show here. A grueling, but necessary process. I won't actually hard launch this site until I've completed that process, and I'll leave the Virb-hosted site up and linked here until that happens. This blogging activity is really only to jumpstart that area of the site immediately - more on that below.

So far I really like the progress here - committing to an identity as respects your work can be a very daunting task, bordering on impossible - so the good feeling I have is one I want to hold on to.




In all the time I’ve been maintaining a portfolio, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to “blog”. In the past I’ve maintained a blog well, and even garnered something of a dedicated readership, but those days are clearly long gone. I’m realizing that I had more time then; I was an office drone with 35+ hours (of required sitting and staring at computer screens every week) to support the kind of mental processes necessary to blog.

This time around, I’m going to keep it very simple and spend my initial energies focused on repetition and consistency.

(This will be the last post I write about posting.)