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Photographer Of The Day - Oliver Stalmans

Mc1-950x600 Been excited to talk about Oliver Stalmans for a while. I can’t really remember where I happened across his work - more than likely one of the many fashion blogs I follow. there’s not much more to say about his photography that - for his age, especially - he’s freakishly talented.

Oliver, 25, is a french-born fashion/commercial photographer. He’s been racking up accolades of late, including 2013’s Danish ELLE photographer of the year award, and rightly so. He’s shot covers for ELLE, Tomorrow Journal and Muuse Magazine. His simple, crisp, and extremely mature approach to fashion portraits reminds me of Peter Lindbergh. I personally enjoy his black+white photography the most, his understanding and control of light and tone contribute to help him create incredibly dramatic images.




I think he hits a lot of the marks I’d try to achieve to in his work - simple, strong compositions. The subjects look strong. The fashion looks good. Good fashion photography is a complex task: there’s the portrait, then there’s the commercial considerations, the art… photographers who can combine all 3 seamlessly are veritable geniuses in my book.

I’m going to enjoy keeping up with his work.

You can keep up as well here on his site, and on his instagram feed.

(all images © Oliver Stalmans)