In Search Of.


So it appears my rollei SL35 is out of commission until further notice - I was taking a shot and the shutter button jammed. it's probably an easier fix than its been seeming, but I know how fragile these cameras are, and NOBODY fixes them. I was trying to make the SL35 my main walk around, and had actually jumped into the process of buying lenses for it; the 50mm 1.8 QBM mount that's on the camera in the above shot was shipped out of Germany (and took forever to get here).

Long story short, I will be in the market for a new 35mm shooter with high quality lenses & build very soon. In the past I've tried to do this within a very small cash bracket, but I think I'm ready to drop cash on it now, just so I know it's always ready, can be fixed, and has great lenses. I've narrowed down to the Voigtlander Bessa series, and the Contax G series. Both are rangefinders, the Contax I believe has autofocus, the Bessas do not. I don't need AF, as I've found even average RF systems to be super accurate (some of them), and the Voigtlander uses the same mount as Leica - so in theory I could step up to that glass at some point.

Either way, it'd be a huge move. I've got some saving to do, though.