100 More Years of Analog Film.

There's always a few really amazing projects you can get behind on Kickstarter

This morning, while skimming through my YouTube subscriptions, I heard about the Ferrania Film Kickstarter via Ted Forbes' really good podcast, The Art Of Photography, which I've talked about here before briefly.

The Ferrania Film project is an awesome attempt to jump start an old film production facility in Italy that used to make great film stocks for still and motion picture, including a lot of classic Italian films like Federico Fellini's 8 1/2, and Pier Paolo Pasolini for many of his films. In the years proceeding 2007, the company slowly went into production decline and ultimately laid off most of their film production team in 2012.

Fast forward to 2013 and the production line was acquired by new company FILM Ferrania s.r.l, which rehired old Ferrania technicians and took over their equipment and buildings. Here's where their Kickstarter campaign...kicks in.

This is a really cool project to get behind, and will likely be the first Kickstarter project I've ever pledged to. Film's future is very much up in the air, and a lot of people whose opinions I trust speak very matter-of-factly about its eventual extinction. As an avid film shooter who wants to shoot film for the rest of my life, such an eventuality would make me very, very sad.  I'm sure I speak for many people shooting now, and those photographers and film makers yet to come along. Its kind of an imperative for us to support this project and do all we can to keep ideas like this alive.