Photographer Of The Day - Julia Galdo & Cody Cloud (JUCO).

a66881a2b3be435b8dc61be78249704b Part of my process to keep inspired and driven to create is keeping an eye on the industry around me and the people working in it, the people making great images and building awesome bodies of work, the people fashioning awesome careers for themselves. I do a lot of investigation along these lines, so I figured it'd be a nice addition to the blog to talk about some of these photographers and share their work with my readers. We'll see if I can make this a series.

Today I wanted to talk about Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud, otherwise known as JUCO, an advertorial/fashion photography team located in Los Angeles, who've been killing it for the last few years. Their work's been popping up all over the place - shooting for a wide range of advertising clients and publications, and constantly making new work that has a super distinct style and point of view.

One of my favorite things about their style is their awareness and fearless sense of color, and the way it plays into their images as a compositional element. intentionally invoking color is a daunting ideal for me; I feel like I need 4 years worth of color theory to even approach it comfortably. They are heavy on the use of pastels and it may not be for everybody, but it's definitely their voice and I'd think their clients know what they're getting when they commission them for work, and they desire that specifically.







Another thing I find so impressive about them is that they are constantly making ( and presenting!!! ) new work. I follow their portfolio updates on Behance - they're pretty nonstop with it, and I'm consistently floored with what they're doing. Sometimes it won't be a commissioned shoot, sometimes just personal work, but either way, you get the feeling they're making new work because they thoroughly enjoy shooting ideas they have.

It's super inspiring.

You can follow Julia and Cody's work on their website, Behance portfolio , and their tumblr page. Check 'em out.

( all images © JUCO )