Couture Vulture S/S 2014 Lookbook Shoot.

02490007 I'm not sure where I first made acquaintance with Couture Vulture owner/designer Dominique Negrón, an honest guess would be somewhere in my first visits to Hylo Boutiques a few years ago, but back then I was unaware of her work or aspirations, as I'm sure she was equally unaware of mine. Serendipity would have it that our paths would continue to cross and we'd eventually find a project to work on together.

I was super honored that Dom reached out to me to shoot this year's lookbook, and wanted to make sure that the images I delivered were high quality and really showcased her pieces well. We went with a super-simple setup and shot against a white brick wall with one light, high and to the right of the model. The modifier was a beauty dish on a B800 with the sock off for a harsher and brighter light. Most of the shots that were used for the lookbook were digital images, but the ones I've posted here are all film - Portra in medium format (6x4.5).


For the shots on the rug, most of these are actually naturally lit, again on Portra 400. The detail that I get in a roll of medium format film is always exciting to see. The results I got from this shoot, especially with the film and lights, got me excited to try new things this summer. I'm looking forward to working with Dominique a lot more on future projects.


You can check out the new collection and buy Couture Vulture here.